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Anonymity is security is highly relevant, and a practical solution to sending and receiving information and correspondence anonymously, or privately. With end-to-end encryption, encrypted storage and encrypted transmission, your messages, shared content and identity are completely private and untraceable. 

We are all in a world where we cherish freedom of speech. Our personal opinion and personal safety are essential.

With the rapid growth of social media, messaging apps and chatrooms being the primary way to keep in touch, and our profiles being searched for incriminating content; it’s useful to have a platform where we can share information safely and privately.

With a account, you are given up to 6 Box Numbers to use as you wish. A Box Number is an inbox or online reference code that can be used as an address. For example, a Box Number is given by a newspaper for replies to a private advertisement or is used by an organisation to receive letters and correspondence. is incredibly useful to those who rely on others’ support via helplines, or those who wish to give evidence or report a crime anonymously as well as communicate or have freedom of speech anonymously. 

Anonymity is guaranteed against personal card payment transaction details being cross-referenced to box number account users. In other words, your use of™ will always be kept secret.

A™ account can be set up easily

Get Started™ is a messaging platform that:

  • is encrypted, secure and un-hackable.
  • uses end-to-end (E2E) encryption frontend and backend databases.
  • uses encrypted transmission.
  • doesn’t save any personal data.
  • removes the possibility of identity fraud or theft.
  • allows you to share information anonymously.
  • allows discreet conversations for business or pleasure.
  • lets you create box numbers to use for personal and business press advertising.
  • enables you to share important information relating to criminal or unfair activities.
  • gives the ability to have conversations privately about yourself or others you care about.
  • creates a way to keep in touch in a private group or chatroom.
  • gives you a place to share and receive information privately, perfect for anonymous helplines.
  • allows you to report a crime, give evidence or contact a helpline anonymously.
  • can be used professionally as the first point of contact on a government/ support/care website.